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The database of Medicago truncatula's transcription factors picked all transcription factors (totally 846) from IMGAG database (International Medicago Genome Annotation Group, current version 07/17/2006) and classified them into 50 families. Among them, the 12 families of transcription factor were additionally annotated due to the known cds of transcriptiona factors from all of legume species(including soybean, Alfalfa, Lotus Japinica, Medicago truncatula). At the same time, the 10 families of transcription factor were found evolving nodulation mechanism. The information was also added into the annotation part of corresponding family and transcription facotrs.

The following table show all 50 family of transcpription factor in Medicago Truncatula and the numbers of member:

 ABI3-VP1(2)  ALFIN(2)  AP2-EREBP(58)  ARF(18)
 ARID(5)  AS2(22)  AUX-IAA(4)  B3(15)
 bHLH(66)  bZIP(24)  C2C2(75)  C2H2(48)
 C3H(36)  CAMTA(6)  CCAAT(14)  CPP(3)
 E2F-DP(3)  EIL(6)  FHA(1)  GARP(20)
 GeBP(1)  GRAS(20)  GRF(2)  HB(37)
 HMG(1)  HRT-like(2)  HSF(5)  JUMONJI(10)
 LFY(1)  LIM(2)  LUG(3)  MADS(38)
 MBF1(2)  MYB(91)  NAC(45)  Nin-like(4)
 PBF-2-likeWhirly(2)  PcG(5)  PHD(8)  PLATZ(2)
 SAP(1)  SBP(10)  SRS(2)  TAZ(7)
 TCP(5)  Trihelix(12)  TUB(6)  WRKY(81)
 ZF-HD(7)  ZIM(6)