We no longer maintain the miRU server. Please try our next-generation plant small RNA target analysis server, psRNATarget.

miRU: Plant microRNA Potential Target Finder

The program predicts plant miRNA target genes. It reports all potential sequences complementary to the query with mismatches no more than specified for each mismatch type. In addition, each mismatch is penalized according to the mismatch type and position to the miRNA. With default settings, the minimal score among all 20mers cannot exceed 3.0. This program can also be used for siRNA specificity detection. For more information about the prediction algorithm and questions about the search result, please click here.

Enter your small RNA (19-28 nt)
Score for each 20 nt
G:U Wobble Pairs
Other Mismatches
Dataset 1
  The following fields are for reducing false positives in target prediction by detecting target complementarity conservation and are optional. Select a dataset for a different organism and provide homologous miRNA from the organism, and the program reports homologous mRNA targets with conserved complementarity. If homologous miRNA is not provided, the program will not check target conservation.  
Dataset 2
Homologous miRNA



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