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pssRNAMiner: A Plant Short Small RNA Regulatory Cascade Analysis Server  
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Mandatory Input  
  Search phased small RNA clusters:                            [Load demo #1 data]    
Upload small RNA sequence(s) in simple format or FASTA format:  

or paste sequences below:

- file / input sequence size limit: 120 MB.
- invalid small RNAs will be ignored during analysis.
  Select a transcript/genomic library for mapping input small RNAs:
  Mapping ambiguity (maximum hits on transcript/genomic library):    
  Maximum offset from phased position (+/- nt):    
  Your Email (optional):
Optional Input  
  Identify phase-initiator for detected small RNA clusters:          [Load demo #2 data]  
Candidate phase-initiators in FASTA format (miRNA/ta-siRNA):     

- accept up to 0.2 MB valid sequences.
Maximum expectation for searching complimentary fragment:        
Max distance from cleavage site to phased small RNA clusters (nt):        
Start position of cleavage site in complimentary fragment (nt):        
End position of cleavage site in complimentary fragment (nt):        


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