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- file / input sequence size limit: 10 M.
Minimum length of valid sequences (15-25 nt):   * all sequences will be trimmed by the minimum length  
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The FASTA FORMAT MAKER helps users to convert their 'dirty' data into well-formatted FASTA sequences, which could be accepted as valid input of pssRNAMiner. The tools accepts either small RNA signature format (one line include one small RNA sequence) or redundant FASTA format (ID/sequence are not distinct but one sequence should be in one line) as input. After submission, the program will perform the following steps to generate valid FASTA file as input of pssRNAMiner:

  1. Change all sequence letters into uppercase and replace 'U' with 'T'.
  2. Ignore those sequences which are shorter than minimum length or longer than maximum length. Based on the reference (PMID:17360645) and our test, the optimal minimum and maximum length are 17 and 24 nt, respectively.
  3. Cut the first 'minimum length'-nt from input sequence.
  4. Consolidate redundant sequences.
  5. Assign unique FASTA ID to each sequence. Keep original FASTA header as FASTA comment if users submit FASTA file and select Keep old FASTA header information
  6. Output the generated FASTA-formated sequences.

Please note:
* The sequence ID will be redefined for FASTA format sequence.
* For user wish to process their data locally, you may download our FASTA FORMAT MAKER script.