Medicago Truncatula BAC/Chr Sequence Cutter

 Data source: Phase 3 BACs (ID list)   MT2 (ID list)   MT3 (ID list)
MT3.5 (ID list) Mt3.5v4 Chr, BAC and Illunima Contig (ID list)
TAIR10 Chromosome/Mito/Chl (ID list)
 Medicago Truncatula BAC/Chr ID:  AC158464, MtChr8, chr08_pseudomolecule_IMGAG_V3
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  • This utility cuts a sequence segment using specified parameters.
  • Please note if start position is smaller than end position,output sequence will be reversed and complemented.
  • Phase 3 BACs: finished sequence, MtBACsPh3.tar.gz, was downloaded from on Jan/2/2012 .


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