The prediction of transporters by TransportTP for recently sequenced plant genomes, where Arabidopsis thaliana was used for training and 10 was used as e-value threshold in the initial classifier. The predicted transporters and their associated evidence can be browsed through the links in the last column.
Genome Sequences Version Number of proteins Number of predictions Predicted transporters
Sorghum bicolorsorghum.fasta1.036338 1960 transporters
Populus trichocarpapoplar.fasta1.145555 2889 transporters
Vitis viniferagrape.fasta130434 2002 transporters
Physcomitrella patensmoss.fasta1.135938 1380 transporters
Chlamydomonas reinhardtiialgae.fasta3.114598 770 transporters